Bagpipes & Memories

I believe that sound has a very strong effect on the human mind and body. For me, sound has a function and a possibility to create images that can stay constantly in your mind.  Inspired by this, I have decided to use those potentialities to visualize sound in cornstarch using a study called Cymatics, which is about visible sound and vibration.
Typically a surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane is vibrated, and the relief is visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid.
These captured sounds in cornstarch were my inspiration to create objects that show the interaction between music and the human body. After my first tryouts  with the cornstarch  I started to search for music that can move  the starch and to  have the same effect, like  the single frequencies  I used in the beginning. This research brought me back to my roots and my memories of my country and the traditional Bulgarian music. Thanks to the ability to keep the low tones in a constant frequency, the Bulgarian Kaba bagpipe gave me the possibility to work further, using music instead of just one frequency.
I have found a way to solidify the cornstarch, but even then there were some shapes that could not be caught.  That`s why I began making pictures and videos of the process and then even sketches.
Considering the words that describe music like: sound and silence, melody and harmony, color, rhythm, texture, form and structure I recreated the sketches into object of silver and gold wire.