The Newborn

I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my days in Bulgaria when I got inspired from the music to create my jewellery. Specifically from Bulgarian bagpipe music and the ancient traditions linked with it. The bagpipe as a musical instrument and object.
The captured sounds in cornstarch were my primary source to create objects that show the interaction between music and the human body.
I began making pictures and videos of the process, and then sketches which I recreated into objects of silver wire which I soldered piece by piece.
Fascinated by the tactility of the lamb skin used for the bagpipes I decided to use some inner organs of the lamb considered as a food source in some countries. I found that very interesting as a phenomena because it changes the value of the used material.
After I clean the lamb tripe I stretch it over and let it dry for few weeks. After shrinking it underlines the shape underneath in a very specific way.
By transforming sound, music and tones into jewellery I show my personal interpretation of the balance between tradition, culture and nostalgia.